An initiative by the team behind Giftpro to support the hospitality industry through this difficult time.

Support Hospitality is a website designed to help consumers support their local hotels and restaurants by providing them with a definitive place to find hospitality businesses (of all sizes) that are offering takeaway services and gift vouchers.

Hotels and restaurants can list their businesses for free by visiting and clicking ‘add your business’ in the top right corner.

The website has been built in less than 48 hours by the team behind Giftpro, one of the UK’s leading gift voucher systems, as a way to help hospitality businesses connect with consumers and they will be utilising all of their connections, marketing expertise and existing exposure to drive traffic and raise consumer awareness country-wide.

The only prerequisite is that hospitality businesses offer either gift vouchers, takeaway (or both) and that they can provide an image for their online listing. It is also possible for operators to link to their COVID-19 information/policy.

“We have a deep love for hospitality and know first-hand how hard our clients work to create the amazing experiences we enjoy every day. On a commercial level, being able to support such incredible companies is a blessing, but now is the time for us to step up and utilise our skills for something much greater – is our way of helping, and even if it only moves the needle by a few points, we’ll be chuffed.

For both businesses and consumers there’s a genuine use case behind this website, so we’re teaming up with our friends, partners, other tech companies and hospitality suppliers to spread the word as far and wise as possible.

Together, we can #supporthospitality”
Will Howard – Giftpro MD

Giftpro is a trusted partner of The Pass Restaurant Marketing.

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