Growing up in the Southern French town of La Ciotat, Guillaume formed his cuisine of reference with simple dishes using the region's best ingredients. Now head chef at French restaurant La Ferme, in London's leafy Primrose Hill, Guillaume focuses on reinterpreting French dishes using local and seasonal produces from British lands.

Guillaume Dunos Head Chef La Ferme Restaurant Primrose Hill

When did you realise you wanted to work in hospitality?  
I always wanted to be a chef, as far as I can remember.
As a child, when asked the famous question “what job would you like to do?” I would answer “I want to be a chef !!”.

Sum up your current work life in one sentence. 
Chef on quarantine.

How do you keep yourself busy during the current lockdown?
I have been cooking every day.
I am also trying to relax and focus on new, secret projects for now.
It feels good to look forward to the future.
I am the head chef at La Ferme, in Primrose Hill, and with the team we are working on our food and wine delivery service during the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
As of next week, we will make available a new service which will enable everybody to purchase wines and British produce box.

And is there an event or experience you are looking forward to getting started with once the lockdown ends?
We launched a selection of gift vouchers as soon we closed the restaurant including dinner and also a private chef dinner cooked by me at home, it is good to keep planning dinner for our clients and help us to resist to the crises.
I’m really excited to see the restaurants full again, this pandemic is such an hard time for our industry all the restaurants and chefs affected will need support when we will re-open.
Also I can’t wait to follow on with my recently created private chef company, it was such a pleasure to create cook and serve gourmet dinner for my clients, in the cosy and comfortable environment of they own home.

What would be the one dish we should absolutely try out off your menu at La Ferme?
There are so many as the menu changes often.
One that springs to mind is the deconstructed apple & rhubarb tart, caramel and buckwheat crumble.
There is also a classic our guests love: “coin de rue”; triple cooked potatoes and truffle mayonnaise. It is to die for.

How do you keep up to date with the latest food trends?
Reading books, being active on Instagram, going out for dinner. I also like keeping my vision and use my creativity to be part of the next trend, why not?

Which single item of kitchen equipment could you not live without?

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?
Be passionate, be focused and pay attention to details. Be determined.

Where is the most exciting city for hospitality (aside from London)?  

Where would you take your out of town guests for a memorable meal once the social distancing loosens up?
I will definitely go to Brawn on Columbia Road.

Guillaume Dunos Head Che La Ferme Primrose Hill

Your favourite 5 minute recipe?
Definitely a cheese omelette.

Fill in the blank: If I weren’t a chef I’d be…
An explorer.

What does the future hold for Guillaume Dunos?
A new restaurant ….

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